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הכנה ללידה

5 things you should be aware of before birth:

  1. The choice is yours.
It’s your body and that makes you responsible. You make the decisions. Every hospital has its policy, but it’s still your choice. Consider the options, make your own research, and decide. You should ask questions when touring the delivery room before giving birth! For example – an important issue you should inquire about is giving an injection for induction of labor X hours after a certain stage. Every hospital has different policy and it may influence your decision on where to give birth.

2.            You can get different opinions – in what other stage in your life do we give responsibility the way we do when it comes to birth? Talk to another midwife/doctor and there are also private midwifes, doulas etc. whom you may consult

  1. The big and important decision is where you will give birth and who will be there with you. Don’t approach these issues lightly, particularly at COVID times when the number of escorts who may be with you in the delivery room is restricted. Ask yourself who can help you at this moment – emotionally, mentally and physically and don’t hesitate to say “no” to those you don’t want next to you at this intimate moment.

  1. Read and study – invest in it the way you invested in your wedding or any other important event in your life. Study, dedicate the time to preparing yourself. Knowledge is power! Decisions are made in the delivery room in real time and you must comprehend the different terms mentioned next to you.

  1. You are doing wonderful work! You must be aware that your delivery may have unexpected turns. You should trust yourself and your power. Stay calm and be able to flow with the changes. Rely on your body and nature that can cope any situation that may arise. And most importantly – remember every woman has her own birth story!

Remember you are about to meet someone with whom you will fall in love for the rest of your life. When else can we expect such special moments in life? Such an amazing and moving thing! The miracle of birth! Welcome to a world of unconditional love 😊 Mamale

אהבת את מה שקראת? 
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רוצה לקבל עדכונים?
השאירי את האימייל שלך וקבלי מייל דו חודשי עם כל המידע שאת צריכה לקראת הלידה!

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