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A little about Meital Zaga, “On Your Way” – family and personal accompaniment after delivery.

Nice to meet you!
My name is Meital Zaga, 40 years old, mother of four children, including twins 🙂
When my children were born, I did not know about the wonder of the post-natal doula who provides support and accompanies you after you give birth.
After giving birth to twins, I was exposed to a doula for the first time, and I understood the importance of receiving support and assistance after giving birth. I then turned my love for providing help and assistance to new parents into a profession.

What does this mean?

I provide guidance and advice for anything concerning the physical condition of you and your baby, Mamale.
Physical support, an attentive ear, and the reorganization of your environment, as necessary.
Since my professional training as a doula specializing in post-natal assistance, I have accompanied different and diverse families.
I have escorted young families who have experienced the “first child” difficulties. They realized that a baby does not come with “operating instructions” and they got a little lost, but in the end, everything was fine, as we found the way together.

I accompanied families who expanded with the birth of a second, and third child. They believed in the cliché that a third child “grows by himself”, but very quickly changed their minds.
Sometimes the difficulty of a second or third child is more complex than the experience of giving birth to the first child.

I have also accompanied families who had sweet twins.

I am myself a mother of twins, so I know the difficulty that parents experience in the beginning, as well as the secrets for proper habits in raising twins to facilitate and enjoy each stage.
We met before the delivery to prepare the excited parents, and together we prepared a “work plan” for the day after.
They understood the importance of preparing your changing environment, before giving birth.
We also met after the sweet twins came into the world, and together we checked that everything was working as planned and made further changes according to the situation. Of course, they received my guidance for the right habits for raising the twins.

I do not believe that there is only one way, and I do not have “working methods”.
I believe in a collaborative process with the whole family as a team.
Integrating your way and my guidance, we will find the peace and joy in raising what is most precious to you.

I invite you to follow my blog on this fabulous website.
Besides the purchase of this valuable product, I will send you lots of tips on the hottest issues for Mamale and the family after childbirth.

Wishing you good luck 🙂

“On your way”

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