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Mamale cube organizers

Set of 14 designer bags for a suitcase.
From now on we don’t pack with plastic bags.
We have designed a set of 14 practical and stylish fabric bags to maintain order and organization in the suitcases.
Each item in the suitcase is packed in fabric bag specially designed for it, so that each item can retain its shape.
Your suitcase is neat and stylish.

The set includes:

  • Large bath bag 30X21X18
  • Bag for clothes 30X21X18
  • Bag for socks and underwear 20X15X10
  • Nursing bag 38X28
  • Shoe bag 35X31X6
  • Slipper bag 33.5X31X6
  • Large laundry basket 60X60X6”
  • Bag for glasses 17X9
  • Makeup bag 28X14
  • Case for corona masks 21X14
  • First aid kit 20X10X10
  • Charger bag 15X12
  • Bag for hair pins and bands 15X15X6
  • Headphones bag 10X8

All the bags are 100% cotton.
The bags are intended for the items in our delivery and hospitalization suitcases, but other items with similar size can be packed inside.


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