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Mamale’s Story

Nice to meet you!
Adi and Hadar, are friends with blood ties, and cousins who are married to two best friends (a successful match), but most importantly, mothers. 
We are just like you, and we have gone through carrying a nine-month pregnancy.
First …, second …, third pregnancy.
Every pregnancy is different and comes with so much love and surprises.
Pregnancies have two things in common:
your heart expands, and your love increases with each week of pregnancy, from the expectation of getting to know your baby.
The moment you realize it is time to prepare your delivery and hospitalization bag
and the stage at which you search for the list of items, you face the question: “what does one need to take to the delivery room?”
This is precisely the reason why we are here for you Mamale.

We are two young mothers who are aware of birth experiences and are intimately familiar with the need for a maternity bag that contains the necessary items but is also fashionable. After all, who doesn’t like to feel stylish? So why not to give birth in style?
From our personal experience in births, and with the collaboration and escort of an expert doula, we have designed the complete maternity bag list, and converted it into bags that are full of style.
Adi, an architect by profession, makes sure that the maternity bag is neat, well designed, and practical at the same time.
Hadar, an expert in marketing, makes sure that each Mamale receives the best service, and on time.

Each item is carefully selected to be practical and full of style
so that you will feel beautiful even after giving birth.
You are everything for us at Mamale.
you will take care of your baby and your partner all the time.
Therefore, it is important for us to give you all the things you really need for your maternity bag
And no less Important, everything you need for giving birth in style.

So welcome! If you are here with us, you will soon become part of our world, Mamale.

Adi & Hadar

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