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Mama’s bag for the delivery room and hospitalization days

is the smaller version of our Mamale bag.
It is a 14 suitcase and 20-inch trolley suitcase that contains everything you need for the delivery room and hospitalization days.
Each item in the suitcases is carefully selected to be practical, and no less important, to be stylish, so that you feel beautiful even after giving birth.
The items are packed in fabric bags specially designed for them, so that each item keeps its shape.

The suitcase for delivery room includes:

  • 550 ml water bottle
  • Designer coronavirus mask
  • Box for snacks
  • Pair of thick socks with special caption
  • Hair bands
    The First Aid kit includes:
  • Almond oil from Baby Teva
  • Ives Rocher moisturizing lipstick
  • A small mirror
  • toilet seat cover

The bag for hospitalization includes:

  • Mamale flip flops
  • Package of Kotex disposable underwear
  • Wipes
  • File for important documents
    Complete bath bag:
  • Body and face towel set
  • Toothbrush in a bamboo case
  • Colgate toothpaste
  • Bamboo Hairbrush
  • Jason’s tea tree shower gel (from K&care organics) 473 ml.
  • Jason Biotin shampoo and conditioner (from K&care organics) 473 ml
  • Yves Rocher body cream – 200 ml
    A nursing bag
  • Lansinoh nipple pads and cream
  • Lansinoh nipple cream
  • 160 ml. baby feeding bottle


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