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Company privacy policy

Thanks for choosing to surf on our website!

We respect the privacy of our users.

This document describes the privacy policy on our website.

The purpose of the policy is to explain how we behave with relation to the privacy of website users and how we handle data provided by site users and information we collect through use of the site.

The company may amend its privacy policy provisions from time to time to reflect technological, business, legal and regulatory changes. Updates will be published in this document.

Data collection and use Use of collected data will be carried out only according to this privacy policy or any legal provisions. It is meant to enable use of different onsite services, improve and enrich services and contents offered on the sites, amend or cancel existing services and contents for purchase of onsite products and services – including publishing information and content, to adapt the advertisements displayed onsite to your areas of interest. Data used by the company will be mainly statistical data that does not include individual identification. Electronic direct mailing A customer who makes a purchase using the company website agrees the company contacts him using e-mail, SMS or MMS text messages, post or by online or mobile phone, should it be required to complete a purchase and/or clarify payment issues and/or shipment and returns and/or other technical matters. From time to time, we would like to send you information by e-mail regarding our services, including marketing and advertising information. This information will only be sent to you with your express consent, and this consent may be cancelled at any time to stop receiving information. We do not reveal your personal details to advertisers. However, we may transmit statistical data about onsite users’ activities, provided the information does not identify users in person. Cookies Like many other websites, we too use files called “cookies” for its ongoing and intact operation. For example, to collect statistical data about use of the site, verify details, learn about failures in using the site, adapt the site to the users’ personal preferences and for data security purposes. Many browsers include the option to prevent cookies and it may be done at any time. You may also check the help file on the browser you are using to learn how to do so, but please remember blocking these files may impair the site use experience. Providing information to third parties We do not send your personal details and data collected about your onsite activities to third parties unless in the following cases, in order to carry out work on the site, e.g. we store our server with an external company and the data we save is also saved by it.
  • If we offer products or services provided by a third party, these third parties will receive the information they need to complete the acquisition process by users that chose to purchase.
  • If you carry out illegal actions on the site.
  • In case of legal dispute between us, your details may have to be exposed.
  • If we receive legal instruction or a judicial write to provide your details or information to a third party.
  • If we sell or transfer site operation in any form to a corporation – and in case we merge with another party or merge onsite operations with those of a third party, provided said corporation undertakes the provisions of this privacy policy towards you.
  • If we sell or transfer site operation in any form to a corporation – and in case we merge with another party or merge onsite operations with those of a third party, provided said corporation undertakes the provisions of this privacy policy towards you.
Advertisements Like many other websites, we too may allow other companies to manage our onsite advertisements. If there are advertisements on our site, they arrive from the computers used by those companies. To manage their advertisements, these companies place cookies on the onsite users’ computers. These cookies allow them to collect information about the sites on which you viewed the advertisements they displayed and which ads you clicked on. The use these companies make of cookies is subject to their privacy policy, not to our privacy policy. Data security We apply updated data security systems and procedures to decrease risks of unauthorized infiltration, but no system or procedure can provide complete security. Therefore, we are unable to promise our servers will be absolutely immune from unauthorized access to the data stored on them. We warmly recommend using wise onsite citizenship and among other things refrain from using the same username and password on different sites. Right to view information According to the Privacy Protection Act – 1981, you have the right to view information held about you on a database. Additionally, you have the right to request any incorrect, incomplete, unclear or not updated details, or request to delete the data by e-mail on [email protected] or by regular mail to 5 Dishon St., Ness Ziona, 2nd floor, apt. 5. Furthermore, if the data on company databases is used for personal application to you, you have the right according to the Privacy Protection Act – 1981 to demand in writing that the data relating to you must be deleted from the database. Users from other countries This site operates from Israel, but we do our best to respect the rights of users from foreign countries. If you use the site from the EU countries, you may have additional rights beside those listed above, including: The right to confirm existence of personal information The right to access personal data collected about you The right to update or correct personal data collected about you The right to delete personal data collected about you provided it is not required for legal purposes The right to detract your consent for use of information The right to appeal the use of information before relevant authorities in your country If you are EA residents, please apply to us by e-mail: [email protected] and we will gladly update you regarding your rights. If you are using the site from the State of California, USA, you may refuse to have your personal information sold to third parties. Additionally, you have a right to receive a yearly report about your personal data and the way we obtained it. Please apply to the above e-mail address to receive this report. For additional viewing of the law:
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