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Regulations for Using the Website

Welcome to the Mamale website at
Parts of the website and regulations have been written in the male form merely for convenience purposes, but all that is stated in the regulations and on the website is addressed to men and women alike 🙂

General Provisions:
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    General Provisions:

    1. 1. The website serves as a platform where you can purchase for women in labor a set of suitcases for the delivery room and the hospitalization days afterwards (hereinafter: “the Product”) in a one-time purchase.
    2. 2. The website is exclusively owned by Eyal Katz, sole proprietor no. 40144859, and it is operated by him (hereinafter: “the Operator”) in order to sell the Products under the brand name “Mamale” (hereinafter: “the Brand Name”).
    3. 3. The Customer- the purchaser of the Product and/or the one who registers to the website (as applicable).
    4. 4. You can directly address the Operator’s customer service with any question and/or clarification and/or inquiry and/or update at the e-mail address [email protected] or by phone at 0549491883
    5. 5. The aforesaid regulations are a binding agreement between the customer and the Operator, and therefore you need to carefully read these regulations.
    6. 6. The Operator maintains the right to change the regulations from time to time according to his discretion without needing to provide a warning and/or prior notice in this matter.
    7. 7. The Operator acts to verify that the information, which is presented on the website, will be accurate, but it needs to be made clear that inaccuracies or mistakes may appear in good faith on the website and the Operator will not incur any liability that derives from these inaccuracies or mistakes or is related to them.
    8. 8. The prices are mentioned in NIS, and they include VAT according to the law, but they do not include shipping fees
    9. 9. The Operator is entitled to update from time to time the prices of the Products on the website and the shipping rates without a prior notice. The valid price with respect to the order is the price that appeared at the time the ordering process was completed. If the prices were updated before the ordering process was completed, the customer will be charged according to the updated prices. The valid price with respect to the order is the price that appeared at the time the ordering process was completed. If the prices were updated before the ordering process was completed, the customer will be charged according to the updated prices.
    10. 10. The Operator is entitled to offer at the website sales, benefits and discounts The Operator is entitled to cease these sales, benefits and discounts at any time, or to replace or change them, without being required to provide a prior notice about this.
    11. 11. The images of the Products, which are presented on the website are merely for illustration It is made clear that the Operator will try and do his best in order to present to the visitors at the site and to his customers the most accurate images of the Products as possible.
    12. 12. The terms for using the website apply to the use of the website and the services that are included in it from every computer or other communication device (including, inter alia, a cellphone, certain personal digital assistants etc.) In addition, these terms apply to the use of the website, whether it is through the internet or through every other network or means of communication, or through every other manner of connection.
    13. 13. Upon registration, you are offered to register to the website’s direct mailing. If the customer is interested in removing herself from the mailing after she registered, she can easily do so through the link at the bottom of the mailing, which was received.
    14. 14. The Operator does his best efforts in order that each Product will be compatible for the use it was intended for. It may happen that a certain Product in the suitcase will not completely match the customer’s need The customer will not have in such a case any claim and/or request and/or demand from the Operator and/or whoever on his behalf with respect to an incompatibility of the Products in the suitcases to the need of the woman in labor, and the aforesaid will not serve as a cause for cancelation due to the incompatibility of the Product.

    Registering to the Website and Ordering through the Website:

    1. 1. The purchase of a Product will be done by the customer by filling an order form that appears on the website . It is made clear that filling out all the items in the form is a precondition for executing the order.
    2. 2. The Operator will not use the customer’s details unless it is in accordance with the website’s privacy policy, which is an inseparable part of these regulations.
    3. 3. To guarantee the execution of an order both efficiently and without mishaps you need to make sure you accurately provide all the details that are requested at the website If false details will be provided upon the execution of the order, the Operator will not be able to guarantee that the Products will reach their destination and/or arrive on time If the Product is returned to the Operator because of wrong details, the customer will be charged with the payment of the shipping fees and treatment fees. . You need to make sure you fill accurate and updated details
    4. 4. Once the customer made the order the Operator will check the details of the credit card and upon the approval of the transaction by the credit card company a notice that the transaction was approved will be sent to the customer’s e-mail address An invoice/receipt will be sent in a separate mail.
    5. 5. The details of the order as the customer filled them in the order form and the registration of the transaction in the Operator’s computers will be absolute and final evidence as to the correctness of the customer’s details.
    6. 6. It needs to be emphasized that in each of the following incidents the Operator will be entitled according to his exclusive discretion not to approve the customer’s order due to any reason whatsoever:
      *If wrong details were intentionally provided at the registration to the website. It is hereby made clear that entering false details is a criminal offense and the Operator will be entitled to take against a customer who as aforesaid will submit false details all the measures he has at his disposal according to every law, including addressing the court due to the damages that were caused or may be caused to the website, to the Operator and/or to whoever on his behalf.
      6.2. *If there will be an actual suspicion that an action or neglect, which compromises or may compromise the website, the Operator or certain third parties, including the Operators’ customers, employees or suppliers, was done.
      6.3. *If there will be an actual suspicion that the website’s services were used for committing an act that is allegedly illegal according to the laws of the State of Israel or to allow, abet, or encourage the commission of such an act
      6.4. *If there will be an actual suspicion that the terms of these regulations, the terms of one of the binding documents or the terms of any other online service that will be offered on the website were violated.
      6.5. *If there is a fiscal debt that is owed to the Operator and the debt hadn’t been repaid even though its payment date has passed.
      6.6. *If the credit card the customer has was blocked or its use was restricted in any way.
      6.7. *If there is a mistake in the description of the Products, services, terms of the service/terms of the order, terms of the sale and/or in the purchase items.
      6.8. *In the case of a force majeure, actions of war, hostility or terror that the Operator believes they prevent the continuation of the sale, its execution, the participation in it and/or the exercise of the order.
      6.9. *If a technical malfunction and/or malfunction in the communication means, which prevented or may have prevented the execution of the order, occurred.
    7. 7. After the required details were provided, the required documents were approved, and the customer consented to the terms of use and to the privacy policy, the Operator is entitled, but not obliged, to present and send to the customer updates through her account in the website or through the e-mail, including content updates, information about services and products, as well as services and products of others, sales, innovations in the website, according to their meaning in section 30A of the Communication Law (Telecommunication and Broadcasting), 5742-1982.
    8. 8. After the payment details were entered into the payment page a confirmation that the details of the order were received will be sent by e-mail.
    9. 9. If it will turn out that the customer’s credit card is invalid, or the credit card company does not honor the transaction, or the Paypal Company (or every other available electronic service) does not respect the debit, or the requested Product isn’t within the inventory the Operator has, then the Operator will contact the customer in order to complete the transaction or cancel it If the customer will choose to make the payment through a Paypal account, then she will be requested to enter the details of the existing user account at Paypal’s website or open a new account at Paypal It is hereby made clear that if the customer decided to pay through a Paypal account, the Operator can collect the payment for the Products only after he received confirmation from Paypal. The use and receipt of the confirmation is subject to Paypal’s terms of use and privacy policy, and it isn’t subject to those of the website.

    Cancelation of a Transaction and the Return Policy

    1. 1. What is said in this article is subject to the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981.
    2. 2. In each of these cases the customer (and not the Operator) can cancel an order that was done according to the following terms:
      2.1 A cancelation before the Product is sent to the customer will be free of any additional charge, and the funds that were paid for the transaction, including the shipping fees, will be returned to the customer. In such a case a fiscal credit will be given to the customer subject to what is said in the law.
      2.2. 2.2 In the case of a cancelation of a transaction after the Product was sent to the customer and after the merchandise was received at the Operator’s warehouses, the customer will receive a full fiscal credit less the shipping fees that she paid at the time the Product was ordered.
      2.3. 2.3 In the case of a cancelation of the transaction after the Product was kept (so the customer will collect it herself from the store) or after the Product was transferred to the courier company more than 72 hours prior to the cancelation the customer will receive a fiscal credit less a deduction of 5%.
    3. 3. The credit will be given under the condition that the Product will be returned unused and/or without a defect and/or damage If the Product was returned not in accordance with what is said in this article the customer will not be credited (neither fiscally and nor by a credit voucher) It is also made clear that the Operator will have the sole discretion with respect to the condition of the returned Product and you can return the unused Product in its original package.
    4. 4. Every credit will be transferred only to the credit card in which the order was done in accordance with the timetables of the credit card company It is hereby made clear that no fiscal credit will be given for Products that a fiscal consideration wasn’t paid in exchange for them, such as sales or gifts.
    5. 5. A notice about a cancelation of a transaction will be sent to the Operator by any of the following ways: (a) by e-mail to the address [email protected] (b) orally by addressing the Operator’s customer service by phone at 0528-290056 ; (c) by a written notice through a designated link at the website.
    6. 6. Without derogating from the instructions of article 5 above   in the cancelation of a transaction because of incompatibility of the Product or because of a failure to supply the Product on the date that was decided in the transaction, or because of a another violation of the terms of the transaction, the Operator will return the part of the price of the transaction that was paid within 14 days from the day he received the cancelation notice, he will cancel the debit due to the transaction, he will submit a copy of the notice about the cancelation of the debit and he will not collect any sum from the customer The customer will provide the Product and every other product she received because of the transaction she has done to the Operator at the place she was told about it, and she will inform the Operator about this.
    7. 7. The customer needs to inquire within a reasonable time whether the Product and/or the products in it are in a proper condition  על הלקוחה להודיע למפעיל באופן מידי עם גילוי הפגם או אי ההתאמה במוצר ו/או במוצרים שבתוכה.
    8. 8. If the customer canceled the order for a reason that isn’t a defect or incompatibility of the Product, or a failure to supply the Product, within 14 days from the day she received the Product or from the day she received a written confirmation that the transaction was done, which will include the main terms of the transaction as is required by law, according to the later between the two, the Operator will be entitled to collect from the customer cancelation fees in the sum of 5% of the price of the Product and/or of the value of the entire transaction (including the shipment cost) or 100 NIS, according to the lower between them, and this will not derogate from the rest of the Operator’s rights according to the instructions of the law. In such a case the customer needs to contact the Operator’s customer service to coordinate a date for collecting the Product she received following the transaction A courier will collect the box from the address the customer will decide The cost of returning the Product applies to the customer and it will be paid by her to the Operator. 
    9. 9. The customer’s right to return the Product is subject to the condition that she will return the Product on all that is in it when it is intact Meaning, it is forbidden for the customer to return at the cancelation of the transaction only a certain product out of the entire Product.
    10. 10. The Operator has the exclusive discretion regarding the returned Product.
    11. 11. The return of Products in a cancelation of a transaction that isn’t because of a defect will be done under the condition that the Products weren’t used, they are in their original package, and when the labels are attached to the Products. 
    12. 12. According to the law that was enacted by the Ministry of Health it is forbidden to exchange undergarments, including socks.
    13. יובהר, כי המפעיל שומרת לעצמה את הזכות למנוע ו\או לחסום גלישה ו\או ביצוע הזמנות באתר עבור לקוחה במקרים בהם מערכת האתר תזהה כי דפוס החזרת המוצר של אותה הלקוחה גבוה משמעותית. 13. It is hereby made clear that the Operator preserves the right to prevent and/or block the surfing and/or making of orders on the website for a certain customer if the website’s system will identify that the rate in which that customer returns Products is significantly high. In such a case the Operator will be entitled to permanently block the customer or block her for a limited period of time according to his exclusive discretion without needing to provide a prior notice and/or warning to the customer.

    The Operator's Liability

    1. 1. The Operator makes considerable efforts to supply you with a qualitative and safe experience while using the website. However, the website isn’t immune to malfunctions and/or problems, and you may be unable from time-to-time to access the website
    2. 2. The Operator and/or whoever on his behalf will not be liable and will not incur any direct, indirect, consequential, or special damage with respect to the website, including with respect to any content or service in it, no matter what the cause of action may be, including inter alia, a loss of income and/or prevention of profit due to any reason whatsoever, which was caused to a user and/or surfer and/or customer and/or a third party who used the website or purchased through it not in accordance with these regulations, and in every such case the Operator preserves for himself the right to cancel the specific order.
    3. 3. The customer hereby states and undertakes that she is exclusively and fully liable for all her use of the website, including for every content and/or service in it, and she knows that the Operator is not directly or indirectly liable for any such use by the customer.
    4. 4. The Operator will not be liable for delays in the supply of the box because of events that are out of his control such as malfunctions, delays, strikes, natural disasters, malfunctions in the computer system or in the phone system, which will compromise the completion of the purchase process, or due to malfunctions in the e-mail service.

    Maintaining Confidentiality

    1. 1. The Operators doesn’t store credit card numbers in his computers.
    2. 2. The Operator uses the strictest security standards to preserve as much as possible the confidentiality of the information and the privacy of his customers. The Operator uses the services of Tranzila, a credit card clearing and security company for the examination and security of the information. Tranzila meets the strict standards and information security procedures according to the demand of the credit card companies (Standard 1 PCI Level).
    3. 3. The Operator will not incur in cases that aren’t within his control and/or derive from force majeure a liability of any kind of direct or indirect damage that will be caused to the customer or to whoever on her behalf if the information will get lost or reach the hands of a hostile party and/or it will be used without authorization.
    4. 4. The Operator undertakes not to use the customer’s details, which are registered in the website unless if it is for the purpose of operating the website and in order to allow the execution of the order and the transfer of information to the customer.
    5. 5. The Operator tries to supply to the customer a proper service at a high quality. However, the Operator does not undertake that the service in the website will not be disturbed, will be regularly given or be without pauses, will safely exist without errors, and will be immune to an unauthorized access to the computers of the website’s management, or to breakdowns, malfunctions or failures- including malfunctions in the hardware, software or in the communication lines to the website – whether any of the above will be at the Operator or at any of his suppliers.
    6. 6. The Operator will not incur any liability for notices that were received or sent by the website (including notices that will be sent by other users through the website’s services). The Operator will also not incur liability for the content of such notices or for every computer file that will be attached to them, for the action of every such file, for the influence of the user’s computer, or for every damage, loss, inconvenience, aggravation and etc., and he will not be liable for the direct or indirect outcomes that will be caused to the user or to any third party because of the notices that will be received thorough the website’s services or that will be sent through it.


    1. 1. The copyrights to every information that appears on the website, including the pictures, media, articles and texts in the website, as well as the website’s design, in all the software applications in the website and in every module that is related to it are the exclusive property of the Operator unless it was explicitly stated that they belong to someone else.
    2. אין להעתיק, לשכפל, להפיץ, למכור, לשווק ולתרגם מידע כלשהו מהאתר, לרבות סימני מסחר, תמונות וטקסטים, בלא קבלת רשותה של המפעיל מראש ובכתב.
    3. 3. The name Mamale and the website’s domain name, and its trademarks (whether they are registered or not) are all the exclusive property of the Operator, and it is forbidden to use them without receiving the Operator’s written consent in advance.
    4. 4. If there are trademarks (including pictures, drawings and etc.), which were given for publication by companies that offer products and services for sale on the website, then these trademarks are the property of those companies and it is forbidden to use them without their consent.
    5. 5. Every verbal content, icons, and every information and/or exhibit that appears on the website, including graphics, a design, a verbal display, trademarks, logos, and including their editing and display on the website, are exclusively owned by the Operator and by the owners of the Operator.
    6. 6. You need to use the services of the website only for legal purposes.
    7. 7. It is forbidden to copy, use, or allow others to use the contents from the website in any way, including in other websites, in electronic publications, in print publication etc. for any other purpose whatsoever.
    8. 8. It is forbidden to operate or allow to operate any computer application or any other means, including programs such as Crawlers, Robots and etc. for searching, scanning, copying, or for an automatic retrieval out of the files in the website and it is also forbidden to make or use the aforesaid means for creating a compilation, collection or reservoir that will contain contents from the website.
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