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What to pack for the delivery ? bag or a suitcase

suitcase for delivery and hospitalization days

So, should you take a bag or a suitcase for delivery and hospitalization days?
A difficult deliberation for such an important decision.
Congratulations! You have reached this special moment, the ninth month. It is time to pack a bag for the delivery and hospitalization days. .
The list is your hands, and an important decision is to be taken.
What do you pack? a bag ? or a suitcase?
At Mamale we have taken the decision that is best for you.
From our personal experience, delivery and hospitalization bags should be packed in a suitcase. even two 🙂
why two? Because the items you will need for the delivery room are not the same items you will need for the hospitalization days.
For the delivery room – a small suitcase with the necessary items just for the birth.
For the hospitalization days – a medium-sized suitcase, easy to carry, with all the items well arranged in one place, so they will keep their shape.
And there is no need for bringing plastic bags 😊.
At Mamale we have thought about the big and small details, taking into consideration our personal experience and with the collaboration of a post-natal doula.
All the items you need for the delivery and the hospitalization days in two neat and stylish suitcases so that you will feel at your most beautiful.
With our suitcases you will be ready for the delivery and hospitalization days. All you need to do is enjoy the moment 😊.


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